The No-Fuss Smart Lock with Serious Smarts


Satella Power gets it – we want smart tech that doesn’t make us jump through hoops.

The Alpha-B delivers big time. This little powerhouse is ridiculously easy to install (seriously, even your non-techie friend could handle it), and it packs a surprising punch under that sleek exterior.

Forget the Key Fumble

Fingerprint, app, PIN code, key fob, classic key – the Alpha-B gives you entry freedom. Remote access via their rock-solid app means no more waiting on the porch for a forgotten housemate. Smart home junkie? This lock plays nice with your existing ecosystem.

Security That’s Not Just Talk

Don’t let the size fool you. This thing’s got tamper alerts, robust build quality, and real-time notifications straight to your phone. Satella Power understands that security matters, and it shows.

The Budget-Friendly Win

Here’s the kicker: Satella Power didn’t skimp on features to keep the price down. The Alpha-B gives premium smart locks a run for their money, and that “#mynewdoor” code for an extra 10% off at is just icing on the cake.

If you’re the type who appreciates streamlined tech that actually works as promised, give the Satella Power Alpha-B a serious look. It’s the perfect mix of convenience, security, and sweet, sweet value.