vBoxStudio® EZGO Professional Podcast Microphone


Unlock your creative potential with the vBoxStudio® EZGO Professional Podcast and Studio Microphone. Experience Studio-quality audio, made simple.

It comes with a detachable desktop stand for optimal mic placement, a pop filter to eliminate plosive sounds, and a windscreen for clear recordings even in outdoor environments.

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vBoxStudio® EZGO Professional Podcast and Studio Microphone: Your Voice, Amplified with Clarity and Ease

Upgrade your audio with the vBoxStudio® EZGO, the professional podcast and studio microphone that delivers pristine sound, sleek portability, and intuitive controls. Whether you’re a seasoned podcaster, a dedicated streamer, or just starting your journey into the world of content creation, the EZGO is your perfect audio companion.

Crystal-Clear Communication and Wired Style: Experience the difference of a cardioid polar pattern that captures your voice with stunning accuracy while minimizing unwanted background noise. Say goodbye to hisses, pops, and room rumble – your audience will hear you, loud and clear, as if you were right there with them.

Plug and Play Simplicity: Ditch the complex setups and tangled cables. The EZGO is USB-powered, meaning it works seamlessly with your computer or laptop, no additional drivers or software needed. Just plug it in and start recording – it’s that easy.

Portable Powerhouse: Don’t let wires and bulky equipment hold you back. The EZGO is lightweight and compact, making it perfect for on-the-go creators. Pack it in your bag and take your studio-quality sound anywhere, from your home office to a bustling coffee shop.

Command Your Audio: Fine-tune your sound with the EZGO’s intuitive controls. Adjust the volume, mute the mic with a tap, and monitor your audio in real-time with the built-in headphone jack. You’re always in control, ensuring your recordings are flawless every time.

Built to Last: Crafted with durable metal construction, the EZGO is designed to withstand the rigors of daily use. Its sleek and stylish design looks as good as it sounds, making it a welcome addition to any workspace.

More Than Just a Microphone: The EZGO is a complete audio solution. It comes with a detachable desktop stand for optimal mic placement, a pop filter to eliminate plosive sounds, and a windscreen for clear recordings even in outdoor environments.

Invest in your voice and unlock your creative potential with the vBoxStudio® EZGO Professional Podcast and Studio Microphone. Order yours today and experience the difference of studio-quality audio, made simple.

Additional Features:

  • 95dB signal-to-noise ratio for exceptional audio clarity
  • -54dB±1.5dB sensitivity captures even the subtlest nuances
  • 96KHz/24Bit sampling rate for professional-grade recording
  • 50Hz-14KHz frequency response delivers a natural and balanced sound
  • LED lights indicate mic status and add a touch of style

With the vBoxStudio® EZGO, your voice takes center stage. Are you ready to be heard?


Additional information

Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 38 × 3 in


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